Nexus and Sō Percussion celebrate the 50th anniversary of Steve Reich’s Drumming with an exploration of this seminal work, featuring contributions from across the global music community.



Devenish photo by Olivia Davies

Digital Phasing: Using Latency as an Agent for Metric Change

Dr Louise DevenishCommissioned as part of the Digital Phasing project by Louise Devenish, Jet Kye Chong’s Still Drumming 2020 exploits latency and geographical distance, offering a pandemic perspective on Reich’s signature techniques.

Oliver Xu

Drumming: an Algorithmic Approach

Oliver XuThis project uses an algorithmic approach to explore the concept of resultant patterns as used by Steve Reich in Drumming. It seeks to analyze what it means for a resultant pattern to be interesting and to encode these intuitive musical characteristics into a computer algorithm.


Performance Practice in the Music of Steve Reich Featured

Performance Practice in the Music of Steve Reich

Russell HartenbergerAn overview of Russell Hartenberger’s book that provides a performer’s perspective on Steve Reich’s compositions from his iconic minimalist work, Drumming, to his masterpiece, Music for 18 Musicians. The book addresses performance issues encountered by musicians in Reich’s original ensemble and the techniques they developed to bring his compositions to life.

Steve Reich Featured

Thoughts on Percussion and Rhythm

Steve ReichThe composer of Drumming discusses musical intuition, time feel, speech rhythms, electronics, the music of India, and how he uses rhythm in his compositions. He describes his early percussion training and his experience with the music of West Africa and Bali.

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Drumming was recorded by Nexus, Sō Percussion, and friends in Richardson Auditorium at Princeton University on April 19/20, 2018.

In Drumming in Magic Time: The Oral Tradition, Russell Hartenberger teaches Drumming by rote to members of The National Youth Orchestra of Canada. The process was recorded on June 17-23, 2018 at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.